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Check out our masterclasses
Check out our masterclasses
Check out our masterclasses
Check out our masterclasses

Boost your consultancy skills, without spending long days in training sessions!

Your challenges
  • Creating decision making documents takes too long and lacks a structured approach. Your organization is not using its full potential.

  • Documents are overly repetitive and contain too much information. They simply do not get to the heart of the matter.

  • Consultants are hired for services your organization should be capable of delivering itself. You spend too much on consultancy.

Our solution
​We demystify the methods consultancy firms use. We show you the steps to do it yourself.


We help to improve the quality of decision making. Saving time and lowering consultancy fees.

We inspire the workforce to leverage The Consultancy Method. Utilizing structured steps and user-friendly tools.

Building slides like a consultant

The Consultancy Method

ACE Masterclasses has developed a unique method consisting of three unique masterclasses that provides you with essential tools to maximize your business acumen and act as an experienced consultant. The Consultancy Method enables you to solve any given problem, build solutions, remove noise and focus on the key elements to lead your team to objectives. Based on our experience we believe that every organization or individual can unlock capabilities to solve problems and convey solutions, regardless of the preferred communication channel. 

Build slides like a consultant

To solve organizational problems it is important to follow a structured approach, both in terms of cracking the puzzle as in how you communicate your message. Don't struggle to reinvent the wheel, but gain from our experience.

This masterclass will teach you how to approach any business problem in a structured way and how to build a self-explanatory and impactful storyline.

Build business cases like a consultant

Most people avoid building a business case as the perceived complexity can be daunting. But the business case is essential to problem solving and strategy development. All you need is a structured approach that greatly assists you to build it.

This masterclass will teach you how you can build a business case. Ultimately, it is not about knowing all the numbers but how you leverage them.

Build narratives like a consultant

Solutions can be presented as a "narrative", but the challenge is how to start the story. Creating a concise narrative can be demanding without the proper structure in place. Utilise our method to maximize your impact.

This masterclass will teach you how to build a narrative like a consultant and to structure a razor sharp story without fluffy formulations. 

What is included?

We teach you how to apply the theoretical frameworks that consultants use to solve any given problem. But we also strive to increase your efficiency as a consultant.


When you participate in the consultancy method you will receive a set of hands-on tools that will enable you to act like a consultant right from the moment you walk out of the classroom and step behind your desk. 

The Consultancy Method. Presented in an easy to digest format
Why make notes of everything, while we can just share it with you?
​Templates. Ready to use, right as you walk out 
Why spend time, when we have already made all the mistakes?
Timesavers.160 slides, saving hundreds of hours of time
Why search for impactful slides, when we've already done the hard work for you?
Storyline notepad. Our unique feature to build the best storylines
Why struggle on a small screen, when you can use the whole room?
Checklists. Apply the consultancy methodology like a pro
Why remember all the steps, when we can offer you a reusable checklist?
Ribbons. Work smarter, not harder
Why not let Microsoft Office work for you, instead of the other way around?
30 minutes individual advice
Within six weeks after the masterclass you can call us for individual advice on your projects
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We've been there

Over 50 years of corporate experience, at executive level. Concrete advice, based on 10,000+ hours of consultancy.


We work efficiently

Fast-paced courses, stripped of the fluffy elements. Your time is precious, we have shaped our masterclasses around this.


We go for impact

Your success is our goal and our experience is your benefit. We motivate you to apply the consultancy method.


The Consultancy Method can be fully customized to your or your companies' specific needs. We have designed the masterclasses in a modular way, so after telling us your specific needs we can plug and play. 

You come to us

€ 545,- p.p. 

(excl. VAT) 

We come to you

Participate with your team? Contact for in-house customized solutions

About ACE

​ACE Masterclasses brings the art of consultancy back to organizations by offering hands on and efficient trainings focused on building solutions and structured communication. Inspiring both employee and manager by helping them to improve quality of decision making from the moment they step out of our masterclasses.

Our goal is not to exclude external consultants, but to restore the balance between hirer and the hiree. As a result, you get more out of your organization, you extend the time frame before you actually need external help, and you improve the outcome when that happens.

The average training company has a one-size-fits-all approach often with trainers with little industry experience. We are consultants that still work at executive level. So we have a direct no-nonsense approach that ensures we can transfer our best practice approach to you. 

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