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A first step in mastering the art of consultancy
Is this training relevant for you or your employees?
  • Building storylines and slides takes too long and lacks a structured approach. It feels like you are not using the full potential of your organization.

  • Documents are too comprehensive and contain too much information. They simply do not get to the heart of the matter.

  • You believe that you should be able to solve many problems without spending much of your companies' resources on external consultants, but where to start?

If one of these dilemmas can be answered with a "yes", this training is perfect for you or your people. 

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More information
Build slides like a consultant: outline


Problem solving​ (1 hour)

We show you the three simple steps to solve any given problem 


Structural design​ (1 hour)

We structure the storyline you are working on, by applying storyboarding


Graphic design​ (1 hour) 

We help you to visualize your storyline, to create maximum impact


Tools (30 min)

We provide you with easy-to-use tools that help you save precious time and energy

What is included?

We teach you how to apply the theoretical frameworks that consultants use to solve any given problem. But we also strive to increase your efficiency as a consultant.


When you participate in the consultancy method you will receive a set of hands-on tools that will enable you to act like a consultant right from the moment you walk out of the classroom and take place behind your desk. 

The Consultancy Method. Presented in an easy to digest format
Why make notes of everything, while we can just share it with you?
​Templates. Ready to use, right as you walk out 
Why spend time, when we have already made all the mistakes?
Timesavers.160 slides, saving hundreds of hours of time
Why search for impactful slides, when we've already done the hard work for you?
Checklists. Apply the consultancy methodology like a pro
Why remember all the steps, when we can offer you a reusable checklist?
Ribbons. Work smarter, not harder
Why not let Microsoft Office work for you, instead of the other way around?
30 minutes individual advice
Within six weeks after the masterclass you can call us for individual advice on your projects


The Consultancy Method can be fully customized to your or your companies' specific needs. We have designed the masterclasses in a modular way, so after telling us your specific needs we can plug and play. 

You come to us

€ 545,- p.p. 

(excl. VAT) 

We come to you

Participate with your team? Contact for in-house customized solutions

What they say about us?

At the end of each masterclass we ask the participants about their tips and tops. With these tips and tops we can continuously improve. 


Based on the tips we will keep improving specific elements of the masterclass so that every next session enables participants increasingly. The tops al equally important to us because it indicates what people value in the masterclasses. 

Nick & Mark taught us how to scope a problem. Often, in my work there are a lot of possible solutions. The masterclass gave me some tools to structure this and first break down the problem for myself

Claire - Internal Consultant Financial Services

I liked the 1] Tips on how to structure a presentation to bring the story across, 2] Tips on the visual aspect of the slides, to make them more presentable than what I do now., 3] Tips on powerpoint usage.

Mike - Policy advisor Public sector

I used to spend way too much time on building a presentation, also because I didn't do it that often. That is no longer the case. So helpful!

Michelle - Project manager FMGC

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